South Korea

Prayer Letter:

Dear Reader,

Below is the link to our current prayer letter.

Thank you for following our ministry.  We trust as you read our prayer letter it will keep you informed as to what the Lord is doing and how He is answering your prayers.  If there is a question about our ministry that you are not finding answered through reading, please feel free to drop us an email.  We will address any questions as quickly as possible.  We enjoy hearing from our prayer partners. 

We want to thank each of you for praying and keeping us before the Lord.  You encourage us with the knowledge that you are praying.  Thank you, also, to all who support us financially.  We ask that you join us, earnestly praying that the Lord will provide by allowing others to become partners through finances.  

Bearing the Precious Seed,

Rev. Dan Kowach

Current Prayer Letter (PDF)

Past Prayer Letters

May 2013 Prayer Letter (PDF)